What is Microlearning?

Man learning with laptop

Microlearning introduced the idea of ‘learn everything in small parts in a mediated environment’. It is a method that is turning out to be very useful in training for the corporate domain. Microlearning has made gaining knowledge easier by providing small bits of information to the learners. Little bits of information are easy to remember, and one can apply them when necessary. It is advantageous for trainees because it allows them to learn about a topic at a glance.

E-learning platforms introduced the concept of microlearning to make learning easier, exciting, and impactful. The term microlearning came into use in 1963. However, it only saw an upsurge in the 1990s when the domestic use of the internet became popular. The future of learning transformed from bleak to exceptional in all parts of the world. Microlearning follows the ideology of learning more in less amount of time.  According to a survey Microlearning improves focus and supports long-term retention by up to 80%.

As one does not have to learn everything to know a piece of information, microlearning is bridging knowledge and skill gaps. Everyone finds it easier to understand and remember small bits of information. Any learner would not want to read the whole book just for a piece of information. Microlearning follows that philosophy. According to the findings of a survey on Learning and Development professionals, a whopping 94% said that they prefer microlearning to traditional time-consuming eLearning courses because their learners prefer it (Boyette, 2012). They provide useful information in bits and pieces. Like, for example, when you want to know how to make a particular delicacy, you do not need to know about the origin of the ingredients. You could get the information of microlearning contents in the form of text, video, images, infographics, podcasts, pdfs,  etc.

Why is microlearning effective?

Microlearning is emerging as a compelling choice of learning for various reasons.

  • More learning in less time: It provides you with only essential information. It saves time, makes learning more comfortable, by letting you use the information in real-time as you learn.

  • Staying focused: It is easy to remain focused on a specific topic when learning only essential details. With video lessons and micro-blogs providing only the quintessential information, it does not stray from the main objective of the course.

  • Managing a large study load in small bits:  No student or learner would want to burden themselves with too much information in too little time. Microlearning divides the significant pieces into small portions, presenting in a way to make it simpler to remember.

The best thing about microlearning is that it is slowly changing the future of learning. It has also made education enjoyable. Online posts, emails, short videos are some of the most commonly used practices. Microlearning is helping e-learning platforms to reach more audiences with their short courses and easy tricks. 

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