The ADDIE Model for E-learning Design

Teaching has always been one of the most strenuous jobs on earth. It has not become any smoother with time. Many different training patterns have emerged from every now and then to make it easier for students to learn. Some worked, and some did not.

One of the most popular ways to make an e-learning course efficient and compelling is by using the Addie Model when creating the course. ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. It is a systematic process that helps trainers, and teachers understand their learners’ needs and requirements.

The components of the Addie Model to improve training

The five pillars of Addie model are:

  • Analyze: Analysing what demographics you want to reach with your courses will make your practice successful. It will help you understand how much they know about a particular subject. You can gain insight into whether there is any gap in the knowledge and find ways to bridge those gaps.
  • Design: Design the training models in such a way so that it engages the learners. This stage includes all the tools that would be required to evaluate performances, like various tests, lesson planning, resources, etc. User interface designing and creating storyboards are an excellent way to make this work.
  • Development: Next comes the development phase, where all the analysis and designing methods are used to create a program, time schedules, and deadlines, etc. The developers collect data from the first two phases and put all of them into action.
  • Implementation: Once done with designing, it is time to put your model into action. All the brainstorming you have done in creating the model will, in this phase, be used to make your course effective for learners.
  • Evaluation: No matter how much time you invest in developing a model, there is always room for improvement. Feedback from learners helps the evaluation process to improve on the model.

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