Is E-learning all about Videos?


With the help of technology, the world is rapidly progressing towards digitalization. The learning and teaching process has also evolved. E-learning arrived on the scene and has carved out a firm niche for itself on the learning landscape.   

One can complete a course or degree online. E-learning portals are available on the web in many forms. Apps, websites and learning portals are a few of the ways through which e-learning can be distributed/ accessed. And all these platforms are great for videos. And as visuals aid learning to a large extent, it is no surprise that videos are a major component of e-learning courses. 

Videos are favored by e-learning course creators for several reasons. It is easier to watch a video than read many pages.  You can pause or play the video according to your comfort.  Short duration videos cover only one or two concepts and are easy to understand.  It is quite simple to replay the video lecture if there is a need for recapitulation of ideas.

Are videos the only way to learn effectively?

E-learning consists of but is not restricted to educational and explanatory videos. Quizzes, Q&As, and study materials are all important components of an e-learning course, in addition to videos.  

It is important to understand and accept that videos, by themselves, do not result in learning. Just watching a video is no guarantee of learning. It is important for students to engage with ideas and problems in various ways in order to understand a concept. ‘Digesting’ learning material is very essential. It is important for MOOC creators to remember that lecture videos are prone to the same pitfalls as regular lectures.  Too much of droning on and students are quite likely to tune out.

Hence e-learning courses should be a good mix of various kinds of learning methods. Some overlap of content is fine. It will only reinforce the parts that get repeated.  Check out Elite Learning’s upskilling content and evaluation tests to find a upskilling and reskilling journey to suit your learning needs.