How to use PowerPoint to create your course

Powerpoint presentation

A common wrong assumption among to-be-course creators is that one must know extremely complicated tools and software to create a good course. Not true. In this information age,  it is extremely important to be creative and engaging.  Armed with that you can use  PowerPoint to create your course.

PowerPoint is a simple platform with an ocean of options to choose from to make an interactive course and engage your audience. The possibilities in PowerPoint are unlimited, from creating a basic presentation to creating a dynamic animated video, it is all possible. And with constant updates, the software keeps getting better.

Here are some advantages of creating courses in PowerPoint:
  •         Easy to use (simple user interface).
  •         Options to create transitions and beautiful animations from an ever-increasing library.
  •         Dynamic designs to choose from.
  •         Well-designed help options.
  •         Options to integrate audio
  •         Convertible to MP4, PDF and many other commonly used files.
  •         Highly compatible with most systems.
  •         Affordable in comparison to other complicated software.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. With constant updates and plugin supports that keep coming your way, you can do almost anything that you think of.

New to PowerPoint?

Not a problem at all! To create a course in PowerPoint, make sure that a subscribed version of the software is installed in your system and is updated. Once the software is ready to use, open the application and take the tutorial. Check your PowerPoint skills level by taking a test.

Next, choose from the various templates available or use a blank presentation. Customize your slides by choosing a layout, theme and design you want to see. Use features such as transitions and animation to make your course visually appealing.

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