How-to become a programmer through

programmer using laptop for learning

Computer programming or coding is the process of writing numerous lines of executable code. The essential study could be done from an institute, or with the help of computer science books or online tutorials.

There is an endless demand for programmers, but the number of capable individuals available is too few. This is a region of high growth for those people who have the interest to learn how to program.

There are numerous resources available for learning how to code. The availability of computer science books, classes, and even online courses add to the ease of acquiring the skill. Any method of study can be adapted based on individual interests.

Learning the basics

Begin your journey into programming by studying the basics of computer science. Data Structures, Sort, Search, etc. are to be mastered before attempting actual programming.


Understanding how code works is the most critical factor while programming. Once you have an exact knowledge of the basics, coding will be a natural process.


A computer science degree is usually a preference for a programming career. However, it is not a necessity, since several online resources are available for use

Languages and Platforms

Familiarize yourself with a programming language that interests you. Select a suitable platform according to your interest, and work hard on mastering it.


The platform of choice can be web development, software development, or even mobile device development. Whichever program you choose, utilize all the available time to master it.


Experiment with various languages and platforms to find one suitable for your style. Once you make a decision, demote the other fields to hobbies, and focus on the platform of your choice.

Set a coding standard

Never attempt a coding exercise without proper preparation beforehand. Even if you continue to make mistakes, never lose hope, and keep trying to learn. 


Never copy programs from the internet and claim them as yours. Learning how to program is no easy task, and it requires constant practice to acquire a finesse for the method.

Stay Focused

If you are opting for self-study in coding, you must always set weekly milestones for yourself. This may include reading a chapter in a guide book or completing an online course.


The challenges that you set for yourself must be realistic and attainable. Try to enroll in and complete as many exercises as you can if you opt to learn code online.  The bigger challenge is to find one platform to help you rope up your skill across any programming language. To make things easier and effective, Elite Learning hones over 300 programming and technical skills to help you access the skill levels and upskill with curated content. 


Make sure you engage yourself for a fixed hour every day. Treat yourself every time you achieve a milestone!