Do Learners Need Hand Holding?

Modernization of thoughts is something we pick and choose. Today, amidst a significant unemployment problem, we might believe there is a shortage of opportunities. This is not entirely true. The age-old conversations plaguing households are those wherein the elders are in the driving seat of their children’s careers. Engineers do not want to be engineers is a stereotype rooted in truth. While educational institutes have embraced the new era by providing education in a variety of domains (fashion technology, sound engineering, international law, to name a few); the stigma surrounding risky professions remains.

By forcing something down someone’s throat, you cannot expect them to like it. Painting failure as a sin of the highest order, we have a generation of rebellious leaders or feeble sheep.

Someone who ends up studying something they do not want never appreciates the finer points of their domain. They often go on to deliver poor results. This breaks down their morale, dulls their curiosity, terrorizes them against mistakes. Furthermore, this lowers the quality of work, thereby affecting the national mental health, the skill of the labor and employment rates. There is a silver lining: people have realized the gross anomalies of our perception of education.

A Guiding Light

Today, we ought to seed questions in the young minds wherein they investigate with passion. How does the smartphone always remain glued to work? Do pilots fly on strict routes as we drive on roads? How does a design become a dress? To do this, we need to impart not learnings on specific domains, rather teachings on how to learn. There should be rules for teachers wherein they encourage their students to seek answers to these questions.

By providing free education to the oppressed, the government has taken the first step towards destigmatizing the more innovative courses. However, we need to continue to develop tactics to keep our learners interested.

By maintaining rules for teachers, we can do just that. Everyone is unique, rather than assuming that the tactics that worked in the days of yore. We need to give them the freedom to try and fail and try something new again, only to fail again. In the process, we must help them understand what motivates them enough not to dread Monday mornings.

While this process is time-consuming, it ensures they give their 100% day in and day out. Opportunities are everything, and free education for the needy is just one step in the direction of providing these opportunities to those who can make good use of them.

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