Reskilling to fit into the transitioning world: Meet Zvonimir

This is the new age where skills and technologies are constantly being updated to suit the modern day advancements. Reskilling has become a vital factor in order to survive and sustain in the new era. Continuous adaptation and learning are so crucial to the industry that jobs are very dependent on them.

 Meet Zvonimir, a Croatian Electrical engineer who works for Regional Energy Agency as an Energy Advisor. He focused on reskilling to meet challenges at work. With upskilling in mind, Zvonimir attended the Electric Cars Professional Certificate Program from the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). His company had recently branched out in the field of e-mobility. He needed to better his knowledge and familiarity in this field, since his company had purchased a Nissan Leaf through the EU project “EVcc”. The project has been involved in the endorsement of e-mobility all over Croatia and needed experts with advanced knowledge in e-mobility to assist citizens using such options. Zvonimir wanted in on the effort, so he decided to update his skills and knowledge by pursuing a course on edX.

Zvonimir’s newly-acquired skills and insights from the program are proving useful to him at work. Using his new skills, he has developed new e-mobility projects as well as brainstormed new strategies and fixes for sustainable transport in the local region. With a smart city concept in mind, he has also implemented e-mobility solutions and has improved public lighting infrastructure by successfully integrating charging stations.

Zvonimir admitted that the program resulted in favorable outcomes not only in his career but in his personal life too. Since the Regional Energy agency did not have any prior experience in the field of e-mobility, Zvonimir’s proficient knowledge and skills in the new area helped expand overall business scope and enhance competencies for the agency’s employees. Participating in the program has stoked Zvonimir’s interest in the subject. He has developed a keen interest to gather more knowledge and develop his skills in e-mobility solutions. For him, the program turned out to be a good stepping stone into the wide world of e-mobility.

From Zvonimir’s experience, we can appreciate the significance of reskilling and how it helps career advancement. Reskilling is the best road to take in a world of transition.

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